Collins' Bulldog Bench

Welcome to Collins' Bulldog Bench campaign!

We are so close to meeting our goal of having Collins' Bulldog Bench in place in time for graduation! But, we need your help to make this happen! Please donate today! We need only a few hundred dollars to be able to place the order!

Why Collins' Bulldog Bench - Collins' foundation, Bend Your Knees, Inc. is about raising awareness of pediatric brain tumors and giving back! Collins' Bulldog Bench will be able to be seen from all around seating on top of the hill overlooking Collins' grave. It will be a place for friends of Collins to be able to enjoy a peaceful time and reflect of their time together.

Be a part of Collins' Team! We our reaching out to others so they can be apart of Collins' Team! We want Collins' Bulldog Bench to be something everyone is proud of and will talk about. Through discussions with family, friends and coworkers about being a member of Collins' team we will be able to raise the awareness of pediatric brain tumors and tell of Collins and the fight he demonstrated during his journey. Collins' never gave up and neither should we! Together we all can FINISH STRONG! helping others and Giving Back in the fight against pediatric brain tumors!

Thank you for your support! Any amount you can donate will help!

Collins' Bulldog Bench


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